The God Gap is the Silent Space… Between Your Thoughts Every Time You Are Consciously Conscious of the God Gap…You Are Able To Grok The Formless Dimension Of Pure Consciousness That Arises From Within You. Your Awareness of the God Gap Will Help You To Transcend The False Identification of your True Self…As Thoughts, Feelings, Roles and Labels.

More important than a positive mind is a… SILENT MIND. That’s because in the Silence of the God-gap between your thoughts You are… Non-judgmental, Non-analytical, and Non-interpretive. It is in the God-gap that you receive inspiration and clear guidance of your life. This is the perfect space to be in if you have things that you would like to manifest. Once you’ve mastered being in this space it is much easier to deal with the situations, circumstances, and problems of life. As you master being in this space of peace you will find that you can quickly move into this calmness any time that you feel overwhelmed with life. The more that you allow yourself to be here the more essence comes into your life it is refreshing.

Meditative Exercises will help you to remain consciously conscious that only a Silent Mind vibrates with Inner Peace. Meditate 2X a day, every day to slip into the peaceful Silence of your quieted ego-intellect that you will experience in the meditative silence of the God-gap between your thoughts.