I AM & The Spirit Walks With Me

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Genre: Self-Help targeted audience all people

What the fuck did I ever do to you? Like a thief in the night you came in and took your place in my life without even uttering a word. My permission you didn’t require for you took what you thought was yours. Blinded I was; for I only knew what you taught me. How foolish of you to think that you could capture me with all your poison and keep me entangled in your unconsciousness. How could light even introduce itself to my soul when the shadow you cast was so damn dark that I couldn’t even find it.

As if I didn’t suffer enough, you stole my power and made me feel that I wasn’t worthy. When I was barely out of my mother’s womb, you made the decision to withhold experiences of love implanting in her mind rejection of my greatness. This creation of God. You got what you wanted creating division. As if that wasn’t enough, you rained down upon me the horrors of molestation, loneliness, abandonment, confusion, anger, thoughts of suicide and the list goes on. What is your name again for I know you not?

Guess who’s back, transforming your negative programming of the mind into my strengths? Breaking through the bondage of your shackles that held me in captivity all these years. I’ve regained the power to be the healing vessel I’m meant to be and transform lives to make a difference in this world. Watch your back for I can now see you when you try to hide yourself. That light I knew not is the intrinsic value of the deep-rooted seed in my soul. I’m coming for you with wings spread wide take note that I am the victor and not the victim.

You have no power over me for “I Am the I Am” you wish you could be.


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