In today’s society, we find ourselves faced with many decisions more so than ever before. Many of us not only have the responsibility of making decisions for our own lives, but we are also making decisions for friends and family. Many of us reach out to others to help us make better decisions for our life. We sit and ponder and we run through our minds the decision over and over again wondering if it’s the right one. It is during this phase that the Ego is at its rarest form.

If we are giving the appropriate healing to our body on a regular basis it makes it easier for us to make sound decisions, and we feel confident/sure of the decisions that we have to make. When we turn to others to make a decision for our life we are giving our power to that other individual. The worst thing we could ever do is to relinquish our power to someone else. If we are continuously turning to others for decision making it eventually becomes a habit a form of addiction.

To Make Wise Decisions Pray and Meditate 
on These Two Questions BEFORE Taking Action… 

 “What Are the Consequences of the Decision I’m Making?” 

Will My Choice Bring Fulfillment and Happiness To Me
And Also To Those Who Are Affected By This Choice?”

Next feel your healing feelings to intuitively verify if your decision feels correct for you, and for those who will be affected by your decision.

If your projected consequences feel comfortable, then plunge ahead with enthusiasm trusting your Intuitive guidance.

If your projected consequences feel uncomfortable, then pray and meditate until you discover an alternative choice that feels good…
using your Intuitive heart and inner vision.

Lastly, if your alternative choice projects consequences that feel good plunge ahead, but if your alternative choice does not feel good, detach, and DO NOT make a decision.

Instead, wait patiently, pray and meditate and allow things to naturally unfold until your path is made clear.