Moving On

There are times when we are faced with the forces of the universe that pushes us to take an objective look at those in our lives. How beneficial are the relationships in your life today? Has that person brought to your life what you need to evolve or is there something still there that has to be sorted out? We have felt strong energies over the past few months that places us in a position to view every one in our lives that we have an ongoing relationship with.

Moving on from those in our lives that we’ve had long relationships with whether it be sister, mother, brother, spouse, significant others, or just friends can be rather difficult sometimes challenging. The world has taught us to live in accordance to a structured system dictating how things should be in our lives, and anything outside the norm is just not considered to be normal.

We have been groomed this way for so long that when we are spiritually forced to move ahead we can began to feel uncomfortable inside. There are even times that those in our lives will tell us that we’re wrong for moving on with our lives to full-fill our own spiritual needs. Interesting point of view what if your ability to move forward becomes the gateway that opens the doors for those you left behind. What we should know is when we choose our own destiny that happiness can create negative feelings for others. The one who feels that negative energy if not spiritually aligned can often feel that they are being attacked.

As we become more self-mastered we must move on in life to allow the universe to bring about the change we wish to embrace in our life. The beauty about moving on when we follow spiritual guidance is not only a treasurable gift of being opened up to expansion but we are also allowing those we left behind to find their own way. It is truly important to see that life on this planet is about growing and evolving we don’t become great by just sitting around waiting on someone else to make us great.

As long as we have good intentions behind what we set out to achieve it becomes a beautiful gift for us all. Forgive those whom you feel have harmed you and forgive yourself then simply move on. If you don’t you’ll find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of chaos, drama, and confusion. If it doesn’t feel peaceful then you’re not where you need to be. Your choice and decision to move forward on your life path from one being can create positive change for many more. Who are you today? Who will you become? The world awaits your unfolding beauty and creativeness. I embrace all that you are. Cheers to your new beginnings.