By implementing the Observe and Correct technique on a daily basis it will help me to quickly correct my behavior instead of wasting a lot of precious life force energy making up excuses of why I need to be “perfect” to feel safe, loved and accepted in the world.

Important things to always remember:

  • When I make an error, I quickly OBSERVE and CORRECT my unwanted behavior, as opposed to wasting my precious life force energy on excuses, which greatly accelerates my learning curve.
  • I validate that it’s safe and empowering for me to make a mistake because that’s how I learn.
  • I know that what other people think of me is none of my business because I know that my real approval can only come from my inner God-self.

Many of us are taught that we must not make mistakes and that mistakes are a bad thing giving it negative energy. Mistakes can be viewed as a positive thing because it’s a great tool to allow us to learn and grow. Mistakes are how we advance in life if we allow ourselves to be open to growth then we are moving that much closer to our soul purpose here on this planet.

If we accept the fact that we incarnated for ourselves and not for others then the negative energies that come from those around us would have very little impact on our lives. When we allow ourselves to take on these negative energies we are creating illness within the body. Some examples of this are stress, grief, headaches, pain and more. Just imagine what our life and world would be like if we implemented this one process into our daily life. Focusing on our own growth creates growth for us all for we are one mind, body, and spirit.