I gave and I gave I give and I give he is great and he is amazing in Revelation we are strong and we are proud however, we can make things better. If we just go into our own world and be who we are is what Satan will say, however we are not in Satan and he is not in us.

Live and live. Love and love and we will be all that God has for us. In this season we are real and he is with us he is in us we can live we can love and we can play.

If you are going through things live and laugh play and play the life you want is already yours. Remember that people are afraid of Revelation, but it is nothing to be afraid of. We are transitioning in our life and if we live we can keep moving on.

I am with you and you are with me heal and keep on healing your lives. Love is laughter and love is reality the one we have is already given to our Soul and Self-Mastery is who we are. Live and love is this your day? or is this your life. Love and life is what its all about we are doing the things we need for our life. Heal and keep on healing.