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I have seen Angelo twice a week for treatments throughout chemo, surgery, and now radiation. Not only did the treatments help keep my body in excellent condition and working order, my spirituality and closeness to God has increased exponentially. The support Angelo offers is a great gift. I encourage anyone who is dedicated not only to feeling better physically, but who is ready to deepen their life experience to contact New Truth for a session.

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I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful your presence is and has been in my life. Since your healing session, my life has gotten back on track. Miracles are happening again around me, and God is opening doors for me to lead and send my message of Hope for those seeking recovery from addiction.

In His Unstoppable and vast synchronicity of events, God undoubtedly placed you in my life to free me from numerous malevolent forces. They threatened my ability to send my message to help people, and thereby thwart God's destiny for me when He spared my life from this same dark Evil.

As I did in the hospital 2 years ago, and several times since then, I felt the presence of God in my life when I said my healing prayers you provided me with. They initiated a chain of synchronous events, which opened my heart to Him again. Words can't articulate my gratitude for your serving the Lord so willingly and sacrificially. May God's rich Mercy and Grace fall upon you, and Bless you as only He can do.

Jim Spina   
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Angelo is a master at healing, bringing light and energy, and above all else, knowing what is going on energetically. She has an amazing capacity to bring about profound change and just the right balance of vigor and vitality to my body and soul. I would turn to Angelo for the right momentum to make deep movement and equilibrium.

Marsha Lindquist   
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I really enjoyed receiving my BARS session from Angelo. It felt very energetic and I could feel things shifting in me as she worked her way through the 32 points on my head. I really enjoyed having her give me that session.

Eric Rehnke   
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We are happy to report how much we have both benefited from dear Angelo and her outstanding healing sessions. She gently guides us with her joyous personality, full, loving heart, sincerity, kindness, patience, knowledge and devotion. Our sessions have resulted in our both feeling ever-so-much better. We are forever grateful to Angelo for enhancing our quality of life. It's an honor and privilege to be on this path together. We are thrilled to be recommending her to our family and friends.

Blanche and Mark Weiss   
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Angelo Lowery is love and light. She is a healer of the heart, mind, body, and soul. I highly recommend her healing sessions as a form of physical and spiritual therapy.

Sharon CassanoLochman   
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I'm grateful for your work. I have experienced the full effects of your healing. My anxiety is much reduced and I feel much more at peace. I am amazed at my calm and sense of wellbeing. Also, the affirmations continue to bring about visions of unity with God and Nature. Light brings about a sense of harmony and immorality.

I do sense darkness and disruption lurking on the sidelines. I know I can choose to have that or stay in the light. I choose to stay in the light. There is a conflict between Good and Evil in this universe, and we all have to decide where we want to be.

Thank you for the follow-up emails, and thank you for this Divine healing.

Pamela Horter-Moore   
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Angelo Lowery is the best healer ever!! We connected as the spiritual sisters we are and she saw what was wrong with me and I totally agreed!! I felt better immediately after the first session and great after the second session. I would recommend her to everyone who needs spiritual, emotional, physical etc, help!! NAMASTE to Angelo from Sandra Wood!!!

Sandra Wood   
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Angelo is an amazing healer and a Reiki Master. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer one year ago and since my surgery have experienced a pain on one side of my scar. The doctors could not explain it, acupuncture wasn't helping, my opinions were limited (especially since I do not like to take medications). I "experienced" Angelo now for two sessions and my pain has subsided. She is a gem in the field of many stones. Thank you, Angelo, for sharing your abilities with cancer patients. I will be forever grateful.

Linda Luth   
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Angelo is a powerful healer and I had the most effective and therapeutic sessions with her. She worked with me on both health and my personal well-being through out my life. Her hypnosis healing sessions were truly insightful, engaging, and thought provoking. Most of all, I felt an immediate difference with my issues after receiving her skillful treatments. I was amazed at how much she knew about my health and how to address where I was stuck either physically or emotionally. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is seeking a profound shift in their awareness, body, or life. She is calm, knowledgeable, patient and one-hundred-percent dedicated to the wellness of her clients. Anyone who works with her will be uniquely surprised by her authentic abilities to address and heal lifelong challenges. You are in good hands when your work with Angelo.

Desiree S. Phillips   
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How can words even express what you have brought to me through your healing hands? You have touched my life and I will never ever be the same. Thank God cancer was brought to me as it was such a minor part of a greater purpose and life change that your healing hands cleared my path to be blessed with. What a gift I was given to have Angelo use her beautiful Reiki healing hands with me. I thank God she had the courage and strength to push through to reach her true gifted calling as a healer. Angelo not only cleared my path to a much greater healing than Cancer but to an amazing life guided from miracle to miracle.

Amy Row   
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I want to thank you so very, very much for my healing. I saw the nephrologist a few days ago and he said everything from my tests regarding the kidney disease was normal and I won't have to see him again! I also saw my oncologist a couple of days ago and she said my 6 mo. follow up on the CT scan of my right lung looks great all clear!

Vivienne H.   

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